Corinthian Masonic Lodge No. 416
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2nd Tuesday 7:30pm

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Dinner 6:30pm
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March  -----------------------------------

14    Business meeting  7:30pm  Dinner at 6:30 


April   -----------------------------------

11     Business meeting  7:30pm  Dinner at 6:30 


May  -----------------------------------

9     Business meeting  7:30pm  Dinner at 6:30 

This Calendar will be updated quarterly. If you would like to be updated regularly we have a google calendar here 

Regular Communications

1st Monday - Philanthropic 32 Reg Comm.

1st Tue - 416 OES; Buffalo 202 Reg Comm; Hillbilly Reg Comm; I L 414 Reg Comm

1st Wed - Great Falls Shrine

1st Thu - 416 Rainbow Girls; Crescent Shrine

2nd Monday - York 385 Reg Comm

2nd Tue - 416 Reg Comm; RH 111 Reg Comm; Gaffney 186 Reg Comm

2nd Thu - Catawba 56 Reg Comm; Ruth 12 (Richburg) OES

3rd Monday - York Rite

3rd Tue - Chester Shrine; Clover 138 OES Reg Comm

3rd Thu - 416 Rainbow Girls; Alpine 208 Reg Comm

4th Monday - Masters and Wardens

4th Tue - Scottish Rite and KSA

   4th Thu - Ft Mill 4 OES Reg Comm