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Corinthian Lodge History & Charity
It all began with one man’s dream – Worshipful R.B. Morris, Jr.

Brother R.B. Morris had a dream of the old schoolhouse at Newport being a potential building for a new Masonic lodge. After discussing his ideas with other informed brethren, the first meeting was held on March 15, 1972 with seventeen interested brethren present. Right Worshipful Brother Roy M. Nelson presided over the election of the following:
..........R.B. Morris – Worshipful Master
..........Curtis Simmons – Senior Warden
..........Frell Rooks – Junior Warden
..........Charles Morton – Treasurer
..........Henry Covington – Secretary

A plea was made to Rock Hill Lodge #111 and York Lodge #385 for permission to start a lodge in Newport. Both Lodges gave their permission and pledged their support.

Many names were considered for the new Lodge. The name “Corinthian” was presented by Curtis Simmons and accepted.

A request for dispensation, to commence Masonic work at Newport, was made to the Grand Lodge of South Carolina through the Grand Secretary, Most Worshipful Brother H. Dwight McAlister. The new Lodge was presented the Charter Petition to be signed by interested Brethren. Seventy one names were signed on the Charter Petition.
August 31, 1972 was set for the first Regular Communication. Rapid preparation was to be made and the following Brethren were appointed to chair projects:
..........Prepare Building – Billy Robinson
..........Three Burning Tapers – Ned Pryor
..........Painting Building – Pat Hicks
..........Wiring – Henry Covington
..........Plumbing – Russell Jenkins

On August 24, 1972 the Grand Lodge of South Carolina granted dispensation to work under Corinthian Lodge U.D. Thursday, August 31, 1972 at eight o’clock p.m., Corinthian Lodge U.D. opened for the first time. At this first Regular Communication five petitions were received from: John Adkins, Harry Callahan, Clyde Herron, Marvin Sexton, and Bobby Wells. Thus the First Degree work began at Corinthian.

June 30, 1973 was the day of consecration, dedication, and constitution of Corinthian Lodge #416. The Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Robert McC. Figg installed the following as the first Officers of Corinthian Lodge #416:
..........R.B. Morris – Worshipful Master
..........Curtis Simmons – Senior Warden
..........Frell Rooks – Junior Warden
..........Lowery Russell – Treasurer
..........Henry Covington – Secretary
..........Billy Robinson – Senior Deacon
..........Cliff McWhite – Junior Deacon
..........L.K. Smith – Steward
..........Charles Morton – Steward
..........John Adkins – Tiler
..........L.A. Meek – Chaplain

September 8, 1973 a Special Dispensation was issued to Corinthian Lodge to confer a Master Mason Degree at Ferguson Mountain. This became an annual event until the mountain was sold.

On February 29, 1974 Corinthian Lodge voted to change the Regular Communication night from the fourth Thursday to the second Tuesday of each month.

On April 11, 1978 Corinthian Lodge purchased six acres of land. A building site was selected and Corinthian began fund raising projects for a new building.

The year of 1978 was a record year for the number of Master Masons raised – a total of 28.

Also in 1978 the Masters and Wardens Club was formed in the Twenty Second Masonic District by Right Worshipful Brother Sam Tennyson and Right Worshipful Brother Albert Wyatt. Corinthian Lodge was honored to have the first Secretary and Treasurer of the Masters and Wardens Club.

In 1979 the Worshipful Master appointed Tom Bell to chair a committee to organize an Eastern Star Chapter, already approved by the Lodge.

The Traveling Bible was received at Corinthian Lodge on January 22, 1979 from Poplar Springs Lodge #415, and was presented to Buckthorn Lodge #417 on January 25, 1979.

Newport Temple Association was formed in 1979 but dispensed of in 1988.

Corinthian employed many ways to raise money for the new building and on March 28, 1987 at 1:30 p.m. opened on the First Degree for the purpose of laying a cornerstone in the new Lodge building. The laying of the cornerstone was presided over by Most Worshipful Jesse B. Branham.

On December 11, 1990, due to the illness of Worship Master Jim Conner, Senior Warden Charlie Smith conducted the last meeting in the old building.

The first meeting in the new building was conducted by Worshipful Master Charlie Smith. The purpose of this meeting was Open Installation, held by the late Most Worshipful Brother Bill Longshore.

Corinthian Lodge #416 started in 1972 with seventy-one signing the Charter. In 1973 thirteen more added their names to the Charter. The Lodge raised two hundred thirty-five, reinstated four, affiliated fifty-six. Corinthian has lost fifty-six by NPD, thirty-five by death, and thirty-four by Demits. The Lodge has a total membership of two hundred fifty-one. Corinthian has eleven Forty Year Life Members, twenty-two Past Masters (three have repeated, one served two years consecutively), and two Past Grand Lodge Officers (a Past Grand Pursuivant and two Past District Deputy Grand Masters).

At the close of 1997 Corinthian Lodge #416 is financially sound. The land, building and contents are paid for and there are two small CDs and some change in the Bank.
The Children’s Attention Home provides emergency shelter and long term residential care for children of South Carolina up to age 21 who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, abandonment, or neglect.  Corinthian Lodge is proud to assist the Childrens Attention Home with donations and other assistance.
 PalmettoPride is a legislative initiative created to fight litter and help beautify South Carolina. Through the foresight and vision of our state legislators, PalmettoPride was created in response to citizens’ concerns regarding the amount of litter in South Carolina.  Corinthian Lodge supports the efforts of PalmettoPride by adopting a section of Old York Highway. We believe in a beautiful South Carolina.