Corinthian Masonic Lodge No. 416
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Dinner 6:30pm
How do I become a Freemason?
1) You must obtain a "Petition for Degrees". This can be obtained from the Lodge Secretary.

2) Two members in good standing will sign the bottom after you have filled out the Petition completely to show that they are "Recommending" you to the Lodge.

3) The Petition should be turned in to the Lodge accompanied by the appropriate fees.

4) The Petition will be read at a Stated Business Meeting and an Investigating Committee will contact you for an interview.

5) The Committee will report back to the Lodge with their recommendations.

6) Your Petition will be voted on and if elected, you will be contacted by the Lodge to inform you when you will initiated.
To become a Freemason, You must be a man of good repute and well-recommended, believe in a Supreme Being, at least 18 years of age and joining of your own free will and accord.