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Your Worshipful Master Chris has informed me that we will move to phase B of lodge re-opening for the upcoming meeting. All of the safety precautions remain in effect as before. We will be allowed to have overflow seating in the dining room if needed. We will be allowed to accept petitions for degrees and assign investigative committees. No voting on petitions for degrees nor any degree work will take place. Voting on spending, by laws, petitions for reinstatement, affiliation, etc., can be voted on. Voting on officers for the upcoming year, or whether to allow all current officers to remain in their positions for another year, will also take place. Be aware, masks must be worn while attending any masonic function. This would include funerals with Masonic Rites.

Please use common sense and do not attend lodge if you have ANY symptoms of the virus or have been in contact with anyone who has. We have had several cases of transmission in other lodges already. If you do not feel safe, do not attend. But if you do, we hope to see you soon.

RWB Tommy