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1 Corinthians 4:16 “Wherefore I beseech you, be ye followers of me”.
Newport, SC
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January 2018
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From the East: Britton Lineberger

This past year was a wonderful year at Corinthian. And I would like to thank WB Mike Hargrove for the fine work that he provided to the Craft. His leadership and commitment to the fraternity have set the bar high for us this year. But I believe we can continue to achieve the same high standard by practicing the work with due diligence and focus.
I would also like to thank you, my fellow Brothers, for entrusting me with the honor of Worshipful Master this year. I can make you two promises: First, I will make mistakes from time to time. But we have a great line of officers to help me and good men to provide me counsel. Second, I will work very hard to continue to make Corinthian not only the best Lodge in the 22nd District, but also in the entire State.
This year I have created a new committee, the Retention Committee. The purpose of this committee is to reach out to Brothers who have gone NPD or are in danger of being so, to try to urge or help them come current. I do not want to be the Master to tell a widow that we cannot provide a Masonic funeral for a Brother who simply let his dues lapse. These men are our Brothers and it is our responsibility to “aid and assist” them when needed. If every Brother called two more who have not been in Lodge and urged them to become active again, then We would have a full Lodge at every degree and meeting.
Finally, I want to thank my Wardens, Billy Sistare and Bill McMillan. WB Billy not only stepped back into the chairs as Senior Warden, he also coaches candidates and is serving as Vice President of our Masters and Wardens Club. To our Junior Warden Bill McMillan, I look forward to the meals that you and your stewards will prepare and to the presenting of education on the history of our Fraternity.
I thank everyone for their support and I stand ready to serve you.
WB Britt Lineberger

Other News and Happenings

I urge you to attend not only our Regular Communications, but degrees around the District and beyond. You will enjoy a good meal, watch and support new Brothers in their journey, and renew old acquaintances. Here is a link to our Trestlboard. And here is a link to our Grand Lodge Calender. If you have not visited our website lately, take a look here. Credit Brother Mark Hanslip who keeps our site looking good and up to date.
The Worshipful Masters Workshop was held this past Saturday at the Scottish Rite Temple in Columbia. Your WM Britt faced a tough decision as we had to schedule a first degree the same day due to a candidate's needs. With confidence in our well practiced line officers, Britt made the required appearance at the Workshop. I was informed that the degree went off beautifully, as I would expect. There were several Past Masters there for support and guidance if needed, but I was told none was. District 22 would have had perfect attendance at the Workshop were it not for WB Brooks Tomlinson succumbing to the flu (he has since recovered). Still it was a fine turnout and the Masters received valuable instruction. Your Wardens will be traveling with me to Greenville on March 3rd for their Workshop. Rest assured your elected and appointed officers are working hard to serve our Lodge and the Craft.

We had our first Tri District Masters and Wardens meeting of the year. There were 48 in attendance, 32 of which were District 22 Brothers. Right Worshipful Brother Tommy Watson, our Grand Marshal, gave a very interesting presentation on fishing. And I am not talking about for bass and bream. Here are the dates for the Tri District Masters and Wardens meetings for the remainder of 2018:

May 29, 2018 Great Falls 277 Great Falls S.C.
Meal 6:30pm meeting 7:30pm 23nd Dist.

July 31, 2018 Jackson 53 Lancaster S.C.
Meal 6:30pm meeting 7:30pm 24nd Dist.

With Brotherly Love and Affection,
RWB Tommy Sutton Jr, editor

You can view our entire Grand line here.

Do you have your dues paid for 2018?? It is that time again, please remit $51.25 to our secretary at PO Box 36335, Rock Hill, SC 29732. We do not want anyone to go NPD.
Don’t forget to stop by our website occasionally. Credit Brother Mark Hanslip for all the fine work. Check it out at .


JW Sam Lineberger’s family, Jason Parker [Brother Jason has informed me he is doing much better and has obtained his commercial drivers permit and hopes to be back at work soon, he thanks us for the help and prayers], RWB Temp Dickson Family, Jerry “Country” Strickland [we installed Brother Country earlier this month as Tiler once again and he is much improved], Jeff Crosby, Jim and Connie Clarke, Kimberly Sutton Erb, our Grand Lodge officers, All of our Military and their Families, Our Government Officials-State and Federal. If there is anyone we need to add to the prayer list or remove, please notify us at or call 329-3118.