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1 Corinthians 4:16 ďWherefore I beseech you, be ye followers of meĒ.
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August 2017
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From the East:  Mike Hargrove


   I hope everyone is doing well, Itís hard to believe itís already September!! I want everyone to know that Corinthian has had several compliments on its degree work and none of this could be possible without the practice, teamwork and dedication that we all put in. I am very proud of this and I know all you guys are as well. We started our Honorary and Memorial chair sales in July and we have sold 29 seats so far, If you put your name down to purchase one, I would appreciate it if you could pay for it as soon as possible. That is if you havenít already, because I would like to go ahead and put in our initial order for the plaques after our next meeting. If anyone has any questions about this or would like to purchase one please let me know. They are $75.00 each. Also Brothers at our last meeting we talked about an MSA project for the Richard Campbell Veterans home. They are asking for shampoo, soap, toothpaste and deodorant, just to mention a few things. There is a box on the jewel case in dining hall for these items so please donít forget about this, Brothers, if you are able. Our next meeting is tomorrow and I already know there is some great education planned. Also a great meal in the works so please come out and join us for a great evening of fellowship. And as always Brothers keep all of our sick and bereaved in your hearts and prayers.

PS. I hear there is talk about a fall Boston Butt Sale!!!!!!

With Brotherly Love and Affection From the East,

Mike Hargrove, WM


Other News and Happenings



    I had the opportunity to attend the Annual Cave Degree hosted by Union Lodge 38 in Kingston, TN. If you have never been you should add it to your bucket list. A second degree was put on by the Alabama team at the lodge on Friday night. Then a third was put on by a Georgia team in the cave on Saturday. Both degrees were most impressive. I was seated beside a PGM from Alabama, along with 281 other Master Masons, aged from 18 to we wonít say. PGM commented that there is nowhere else a Brother could be amongst such a crowd of good men for fellowship and instruction. I have to agree.

    But I still believe that the 22nd District of South Carolina is the BEST District in the country! And I know our work is right up there with the best. Keep up the good work, officers and Brethren! Come oput and support the work going on now in SC. You will not be disappointed.


I also attended the Pink Lodge hosted by Ruth Chapter in Blacksburg. If you have not been to one, you should. I will let the picture speak. There is another scheduled on October 21st in Richburg.

You can view our entire Grand line here.


The Lodges will have boxes for donations to the Campbell Veterans Home. Please bring items for these veterans when you attend meetings or degrees. Here is the flyer with their needs:


    Do you have your dues paid for 2017?? If not, please remit $51.25 to our secretary at PO Box 36335, Rock Hill, SC 29732. We do not want anyone to go NPD.

     Donít forget to stop by our website occasionally. Credit Brother Mark Hanslip for all the fine work. Check it out at .

With Brotherly Love and Affection,

RWB Tommy Sutton Jr,  editor




JW Sam Linebergerís family, Jason Parker,  RWB Temp Dickson Family, Jerry ďCountryĒ Strickland, Jeff Crosby, our Grand Lodge officers, All of our Military and their Families, Our Government Officials-State and Federal. If there is anyone we need to add to the prayer list or remove, please notify us at or call 329-3118.