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1 Corinthians 4:16 “Wherefore I beseech you, be ye followers of me”.
Newport, SC
(803) 329-3118
P.O. Box 36335 Rock Hill, SC 29732-6335 

November 2017
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From the East: Mike Hargrove


I hope everyone is doing well. We have been very busy over the last couple of months and I would

like to thank everyone for making our degree work such a huge success. Our officers have really worked

hard this year and it shows. I would also like to thank our coaches for their dedication and commitment,

you guys are the best!! We had a great turnout this year at our family night event. If you didn’t make it

this year you truly missed some great food, great entertainment and most of all you missed spending

some time with great friends and family.

Our next communication is coming up in December We will install officers for the upcoming year,

so please try your best to attend and show your support for the lodge.

In closing, as we enter this special season of Thanksgiving, we each become especially aware of

those things that matter most: Family, Friends and Freedom. These precious aspects of our lives define

everything about us, and it’s this unique time of year that promotes a sincere expression of gratitude. I

would like to take this time to show my utmost appreciation for the family of Brothers at Corinthian 416.

You’re the very heartbeat of this great organization we call Masonry. Thank you for all your hard

work, dedication, sacrifice, and for always ensuring we reflect the values we all hold dear. It’s my sincere

hope that each of you enjoy a peaceful, thankful and memorable holiday season. Most importantly

let us give thanks for the many, many good things that life has to offer.

With Brotherly Love and Affection From the East,

Mike Hargrove, WM

Other News and Happenings


We experimented with a BBQ Butt sale for Thanksgiving. While sales were not huge, we sold out 100% and very positive feedback from everyone who purchased and requests that we do it again. Also had a few requests we have a butt sale for Christmas. The jury is still out on that one. But we did confirm that a butt sale is much less labor intensive and has almost zero waste.

Our December regular communication will see the installation of officers for the upcoming year. Come out and show your support. We have a great line of officers and our Lodge is in good hands. Also remember that we will eat steak for this meeting!

The Richard Campbell Veterans home donation drive was a great success. Thanks to all who gave! The gifts will be much appreciated .

If you ordered a Geo Washington commemorative knife for the Grand Lodge fund drive, You are probably still awaiting delivery. This is a testimony to the beauty of the knife as well as our faithfulness in supporting our GL. If you did not order one, there is still time.

Here are the dates for the Tri District Masters and Wardens meetings for 2018:

January 30, 2018 Buffalo 202 Blacksburg S.C.

Meal 6:30pm meeting 7:30pm 22nd Dist.

May 29, 2018 Great Falls 277 Great Falls S.C.

Meal 6:30pm meeting 7:30pm 23nd Dist.

July 31, 2018 Jackson 53 Lancaster S.C.

Meal 6:30pm meeting 7:30pm 24nd Dist.


January 12, 2018 Corinthian 416 Newport, S.C.

Meal 6:30pm meeting 7:30pm

23rd District Instructional

January 15, 2018 6:30 PM

Great Falls 277

1 Masonic Ave

Great Falls, S.C. 29055

You can view our entire Grand line here.

Do you have your dues paid for 2018?? It is that time again, please remit $51.25 to our secretary at PO Box 36335, Rock Hill, SC 29732. We do not want anyone to go NPD.

Don’t forget to stop by our website occasionally. Credit Brother Mark Hanslip for all the fine work. Check it out at .

With Brotherly Love and Affection,

RWB Tommy Sutton Jr, editor


JW Sam Lineberger’s family, Jason Parker, RWB Temp Dickson Family, Jerry “Country” Strickland, Jeff Crosby, Jim and Connie Clarke, our Grand Lodge officers, All of our Military and their Families, Our Government Officials-State and Federal. If there is anyone we need to add to the prayer list or remove, please notify us at or call 329-3118.